PlayStation Then and Now

PlayStation games have been around the gaming world for quite a long time now ever since it started producing popular games in 1994. The first PlayStation sold over 10 million units for around 9 years of its existence before its successor PlayStation 2 was released. There were also tons of games that were made available for the PlayStation before that gamers were able to collect different titles, however, only a few of those titles were still available today, besides, with the new games being released right now, you’ll definitely see how everything has improved.

Currently, PlayStation have the latest gaming console which is the PlayStation 4, unlike the first PlayStation, it didn’t sell as much number of units but still very popular choice for most gamers, other reason could be because there are also other competitors that shares the market with them such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo's Wii and also other gaming platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and even personal computers.

Despite the huge competition, PlayStation still find ways to make their products wanted by most gaming enthusiasts, releasing different game titles, gift cards, membership and other perks from PlayStation Network. You would also know that they are popular or a lot of people are still patronizing their product because the list of upcoming game releases are still yet to be revealed while some people are dying to have a working psn code generator which is used as your wallet currency on your PlayStation Network account.

These codes will give you random PSN codes that you can use to reload your balance on your account. No need to use your credit card or real cash in purchasing the game when these free PSN codes can get it for free. The code generator program is also free to download and safe to use and of course 100% working as long as you get the right source of the program.

Things to Remember Before Attending a Concert

It is very important that you are well prepared whenever you are attending a concert, whether alone or with friends. Concerts are indeed fun and make you feel good most especially if you’ve been dying to see a particular performer all your life that you are willing to spend as much when it comes to the concert tickets. However, your excitement and your ticket is not the only thing that matters when it comes to being in a concert, to know more about the other important concert tips, here are a few. By the way, you can find Zac Brown band tickets at

Tip no. 1 – Dress Appropriately and Comfortably. When in concerts, you can’t just get away if the crowd gets wild and so happy that they dance around and jump for joy, in this case, you might actually be one of the people who would do it too. If your clothes are too tight or too hot, you may end up feeling uncomfortable and this might ruin your experience, so choose something that is comfy to wear.

Tip no. 2 – The Early Bird. If the concert starts at 8pm, you may want to make some effort to be there earlier that the start time. The reason behind is that, there might be a long queue of people if the show is about to start since most of the late comers would be in a hurry. Being early also makes you choose what kind of food or drink you wanted to have. Some artists also sell their exclusive merchandises as well, so if you are early, you may get the best pick before the good ones run out.

Tip no. 3 – Have Fun and don’t be shy. This is your much awaited concert and you paid for it so you better have the best time of your life by dancing and singing if you want to. Join the crowd if they cheer and sing and don’t mind what other will think of you, they are all busy watching, their eyes are not on you.

Tip no. 4 – Capture the Memory. Take a lot of pictures of the event, of yourself or your friends and the performer, especially if you got a good seat assignment that might be near the stage. Remember to have your camera ready as you’ll never know if your idol is about to approach you.

If you are attending with your friends, setting the time and place where you could al meet is better, the same thing after the concert as you may all get separated if everyone is just trying to get out first. Bringing your own food and drink are also prohibited most of the time unless the concert is in an open ground. So to avoid getting your foods in the trash, just don’t bring any, surely you’ll find a lot as you enter the venue.

These concert tips are for general information. Some concert organizers may have different set of rules for their audience to strictly follow. It is always best to check on this information before hand to avoid any problems as you reach the venue.

How Does Get Admitted In Best Drug Addiction Treatment Center Help?

Drug addiction can be life changing and even the smartest and the most intelligent of people can fall into this trap. Once the person is addicted to drugs, it is very hard to get out of this vicious circle. However, even if you or your loved one is addicted to drugs, all hope is not lost as there are treatment facilities that can help the person move on in life without drugs. These kinds of de-addiction facilities use special techniques and treatment methods to help person revive from their addiction and get back their life again.

To make sure that the person is able to get the best treatment, it is important to choose the best drug addiction treatment center. It helps the person to take the drug out of their system, mentally and physically. It also trains the body to live without it, and without needing it constantly. The drug addiction treatment center actually changes the way the person thinks, and makes the mental frame much stronger to be able to live without drugs.

Drug addiction treatment center actually helps the person to get out of that dependency on drugs, so that they are able to excel in their professional and personal life without any hassles.

Mrs. Maryland Pageant Results

It all came down to the seasoned pageant veteran and the first time contestant.

Teresa Scanlon, Mrs. Annapolis – Winner
She is a brain tumor survivor and a seasoned veteran to pageants; she recently held the title of Mrs. DC International 2011 and previously competed at the national level as Mrs. Connecticut America at the 1994 Mrs. America Pageant.

Heather Ziehl, Mrs. Northern Chesapeake – 1st Runner Up
This was Heather’s first pageant ever! She is a lifelong resident of Maryland, Founder of True Housewives and Events and Promotions Coordinator for the Bel Air Downtown Alliance. Heather loves to spend time with her family and friends, is committed to fitness and nutrition and enjoys connecting and helping others. She has been married to her supportive husband Mike for nearly 2 years and has a 14 year old step-daughter, Brianna.

“I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to have been a finalist in the 2012 Mrs. Maryland America pageant; it was an amazing and very challenging experience! I had the pleasure of connecting with a wonderful group of people who all share a passion for personal and professional development. I would like to thank my loving and supportive husband Mike for always believing in me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams. The unwavering support, encouragement and generosity from my family, friends and sponsors embodies the spirit of OUR community; and, in MY eyes, YOU are the TRUE victory here! Thank you all so much!” – Heather Ziehl