3-D Ultra Pinball

The pinball wizards at Sierra have just come up with a better idea on how to stick five vertical feet of pinball machine onto seven inches of computer science. While most other pinball games show you the table as if it were shot pointing straight up, Sierra's 3-D Ultra Pinball slants the table so you can see the whole thing easily without scrolling. This bit of cleverness was then totally exploited with the most amazing spacescape graphics to appear this side of Alpha Centauri.

Another innovation: 3-D Ultra Pinball uses advanced physics formulas to give you an uncannily accurate feel of a real table. Thanks to genius programming from some people who weren't sleeping during Physics class, flipper responsiveness, table bumping, ball rolling and ricochets look and react just like an authentic tavern machine. It even tilts like classic pinball. Damn!

The game's three tables can be interconnected so you can keep going until the sun comes up. And action on all versions is super fast; an amazing feat especially for a Windows® game. If there's one downside to this addictive game, it may he that the garbage isn't going to get taken out for a while, and the dog may have to start walking himself.


The fill dimensional graphics of 3-D Ultra Pinball haven't slowed things down. Action is fast, frenzied, and richly animated.