PlayStation Then and Now

PlayStation games have been around the gaming world for quite a long time now ever since it started producing popular games in 1994. The first PlayStation sold over 10 million units for around 9 years of its existence before its successor PlayStation 2 was released. There were also tons of games that were made available for the PlayStation before that gamers were able to collect different titles, however, only a few of those titles were still available today, besides, with the new games being released right now, you’ll definitely see how everything has improved.

Currently, PlayStation have the latest gaming console which is the PlayStation 4, unlike the first PlayStation, it didn’t sell as much number of units but still very popular choice for most gamers, other reason could be because there are also other competitors that shares the market with them such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo's Wii and also other gaming platforms such as mobile phones, tablets and even personal computers.

Despite the huge competition, PlayStation still find ways to make their products wanted by most gaming enthusiasts, releasing different game titles, gift cards, membership and other perks from PlayStation Network. You would also know that they are popular or a lot of people are still patronizing their product because the list of upcoming game releases are still yet to be revealed while some people are dying to have a PSN code which is used as your wallet currency on your PlayStation Network account.